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A few days in Ubud, Bali

Many visitors to Bali visit the most well known spots and miss the true spirit of Bali. While Bali has become quite westernised in some areas to adapt to tourists desires, there are many experiences that you can try to have an authentic Balinese holiday.

As you may know, Ubud is a cultural centre of Bali and well known for yoga, healthy eating and its setting in the jungle. Read on for our recommendations for your stay in the Ubud area.

1. Hire a scooter

This may be scary for some, and it is recommended that you have an international drivers license for this to ensure you are covered by your travel insurance. But traveling by scooter will allow you the freedom to go where you please, when you please, and the feeling of whizzing around the back roads and jungle pathways is unlike any other. On a hot day, it is a welcome way to cool down. It also has the added benefit of being a lot cheaper than taxis and private drivers for all of your trips.

2. Visit Tirta Empul for a blessing.

Tirta Empul is a short drive from Ubud and is a beautiful water temple where you can receive a blessing. We recommend you do some research in advance on the healing properties of the temple, and also speak to locals to ensure you do not visit on a Balinese ceremonial day – or the queue may last for hours! Take your own sarong, and dry clothes to change into after.

3. Go for a stroll through the rice fields to Sari Organik.

This winding path passes rice fields, many local wildlife, warungs, local stores and more. Visit in the late afternoon and allow a few hours to stop, take photos and take a break for a bite to eat or a coconut while you watch the sunset. If you are lucky enough to stay at Prashanti Ubud – you are already halfway there!

4. Hike the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

This pleasant walk takes approximately two hours return and is a favourite among longer term visitors to Ubud. At the end of the walk before you turn around to come back, you’ll find a café where you can cool down and have a drink. We recommend you do the walk in the early morning or late afternoon, as it is mostly in the sun. It is easy-moderate difficulty, so ensure you wear your walking shoes!

5. Take a yoga class.

Ubud is home to many yoga studios, from the impressive Yoga Barn with large classes and many offerings, to smaller studios such as the Yoga House just a few minutes walk from Prashanti. Depending on what you prefer, there will be a perfect yoga studio for you. Taking some yoga classes while in Ubud and Bali will help you to relax and enjoy your time. Even if you are a beginner – what better place to start!

6. Enjoy one of the many vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

In many other countries, healthy food can be extremely expensive, and sometimes not made very well. In Ubud, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible restaurants that cater to many dietary needs. Not only is the food delicious, but a reasonable price.

7. Visit Kintamani for a view you won’t forget, or hike Mt Batur.

Depending on your preferences, visitors may decide to drive to the beautiful town of Kintamani where many restaurants overlook Mt Batur and a lake. Another option that many visitors also try is a morning hike up to the top of Mt Batur. Your tour guide will pick you up at 2am, and you will reach the summit for the incredible sunrise.

8. Explore the Tegalalang rice fields. The world heritage listed Tegalalang rice fields are a short 15 minute drive from Ubud and feature terraces that go for miles. With many local warungs around the fringes, you can explore for hours either with a guide or alone. Please also be aware you will be expected to make several donations to locals to trek in this area.

9. Go for a swim in the river near Prashanti!

While Prashanti doesn't have a pool, just a short walk from the resort you can cool down in the river, away from the crowds. Just ask our friendly staff how to get to the pathway to lead you there!

We look forward to welcoming you to Ubud soon, and are happy to assist with arranging any of your trips if you require.

Book your stay at Prashanti Yoga Retreat Ubud via our website today.

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